Midnite Run at Music Healing Heroes 5

Finally finished up my pictures from Saturday night’s Music Healing Hereos benefit show, with pictures of Midnite Run. Larry and Michelle and Terri and the rest of the Midnite Run gang did a fantastic job, not only on stage, but in putting the whole shoe together.

Dave DeMarco Band at Music Healing Heroes 5

One more for tonight from last night’s event. This time, The Dave DeMarco Band, Baltimore’s own power trio. These guys just rock — and who says drum solos are dead? HAH!

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Going For The One - More From Music Healing Heroes 5

In my previous post, I featured a lot of pictures from Crack The Sky’s set at the 5th Annual Music Healing Heroes benefit concert. Another fantastic band on the bill was Going For The One, a Yes tribute band out of Rochester, New York. The only way to describe their performance was like listening to Yes. In a word, “Wow”! I was standing in line for food when their set started, and I listened to the first couple songs while eating my pizza. From where I was, I could only hear the band. And, if I hadn’t know better, I’d’ve sworn that Jon Anderson, Chris Squire, Steve Howe, Bill Bruford, and Rick Wakeman were up on the stage.

If you’re a fan of Yes, you really owe it to yourself to see this band if you can. You can find out more about them at www.goingfortheone.net.

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Music Healing Heroes 5 - Crack The Sky

Last night was the 5th annual Music Healing Heroes concert to support The Baltimore Station, which assists homeless veterans, as well as Warrior Canine Connection, which places support dogs with veterans in need. It was, as always, and excellent show. This year, the venue was moved to one of the buildings at the Maryland State Fairgrounds. Crack The Sky, one of my all-time favorite bands closed the show.

I scored a photo pass this year (!), so I was able to shoot with my Fujifilm X-T1, and I used the 50mm f/2 almost exclusively. Everything is shot with stage lighting, and edited in Lightroom CC.

All images copyright © Geren W. Mortensen, Jr. All rights reserved. Please, no use without prior permission.

Petty Coat Junction

Petty Coat Junction are a Tom Petty tribute band who bill themselves as “six more souls who feel indebted to the man for his contributions to American musical culture and who refuse to let him go quietly into that good night.” Well, it shows it their passion for the music — indeed, music in general. Dave DeMarco (bass) is currently living the dream, play not only with Petty Coat Junction, but also with the legendary Crack The Sky and Several Species, as well as his own “power trio”, the Dave DeMarco Band.

I captured these at the same festival as the pictures I posted last week of Several Species.

From raw files captured with the Sony RX100Miii, post in Lightroom CC.

Several Species - Ultimate Pink Floyd Experience

Several Species, our regional Pink Floyd tribute band, played an outdoor fest late last month. I took the little Sony RX100mIII to take the pictures.

The band was awesome, as always. Tech problems did mar a couple of songs, but by-and-large, their set was amazing, as always. It was Donna’s first time seeing them, and she was blown away.

I shot these as raw+JPEG, and processed them in Lightroom CC. These are all from raw files. I honestly don’t know that they’re any better than the JPEGs from the Sony on previous shoots. What I do know is that they’re not Fuji files…

Styx On the Beach

Well, I thought I’d posted these to the website, but apparently, I’d just posted them to Facebook. So, here.

I hadn’t seen Styx live since before Dennis DeYoung was let go from the band in ‘99. Frankly, I wasn’t sure how a Dennis replacement would sit with me. I mean, he was a driving force in the band from before Tommy Shaw joining in the mid-’70s. Then, they had differences, like bands do. Lot’s of stuff happened. People went their own ways. They got back together. Did some more stuff. Kicked Dennis out. You know. The usual.

Anyway, in 1999, they brought in someone to replace Dennis. A concert in Ocean City a few weeks ago was the first time I’d seen the band, as I said, since the mid-’90s. Frankly, I was floored. Though there’s only on original member in the band now (J.Y.), Styx delivers … Styx. And, I loved it.

So, here are some pictures I took at the show with the little Sony RX100mIII. I shot these all JPEG, and allowed the camera to use the 2X intelligent zoom, or whatever Sony calls it. If you look close, you can tell on some of the shots. I probably should have shot RAW+JPEG, but honestly, these are pretty darned good …

… especially from a camera model that was released in 2014. I guess there’s a reason Sony still actually makes these things, even though the mk VI is the current model (the mk VI does away with the fast lens that were hallmarks of this camera series, so the mk V is, as far as I’m concerned, the end of the line for now). Apparently, Sony still even make the original version of the camera from 2012.

With all that said, there are things I still prefer about the Fujifilm X10. While I know that the 2/3” sensors for that series are no longer made, I’d really like to see Fuji come up with a 1” or APS-C version of the X20 or X30 (which followed the X10), with a 28-112mm f2-2.8 equivalent lens.