Brit Floyd 2019 Tour - RX100iii First [Concert] Use

After a shooting a couple of concerts with my Fuji X10 last year, I decided that I would like to get something a little bit better for that kind of work. These would be shows that I wanted to be able to get good shots, but I’d be shooting from the audience. And, the camera had to meet a few criteria and restrictions that would certainly introduce compromise. Long story short, the Sony RX100iii was the closest camera to the mark, so that’s what I bought.

Early this month, I finally got the chance to actually shoot a concert with the camera. The show was Brit Floyd’s 2019 US tour, and the location was Baltimore’s Lyric Opera House. I had good seats (though not quite as good as last year) in about the 15th row, over towards house right.

The resulting pictures are below. Some, I really, really like. Others are meh at best. The object of this gallery is to show what the camera could do with minimal post processing. Images were shot as the best quality JPEGs available and what little editing there is was done using Google Photos on line. As usual, clicking the thumbnail will open the viewer.

While I’m generally okay with the results, I don’t think I enjoyed using the Sony as much as I like my little Fujijilm X10. The Sony’s 1-inch 20MP sensor does capture more information than the 2/3” 12.1MP sensor in the Fuji, but the shorter zoom means more image cropping, and I honestly don’t think the autofocus system is as good. To be fair, though, I’ve been using the little Fuji for years, and I’ve only owned the Sony a few months.

National Museum of the US Air Force

I finally got to do some serious low-light picture taking with the little Sony RX100 mk III at the National Museum of the US Air Force. I’m pretty tickled with the results, and I also look forward to getting back out and strolling around this amazing museum some more.

We only had a short time to spend, so we wanted to see some particular things. Even so, we didn’t get anywhere near seeing everything. The place is enormous! If your interest in US (and some other) military aircraft is casual, plan on at least a couple of days. If you’re like us, plan on at least four!

PhotoPlus Expo 2018


I spent a fun day in NYC yesterday at PhotoPlus Expo. As usual the crowds were heavy, and there were interesting things to see and play with. Included here is the requisite bad selfie, just to prove I was there. The difference was that I took this selfie with my new Sony RX100 Mk III. So, it’s still a bad selfie, but the image quality is much better. All of the photos in this post, except for the obvious one below, were taken with the Sony, with minor post processing on either my Pixel 2 phone, or my iPad Air 2. There will be more on the RX100 Mk III later.

Sony RX100 Mk III

Sony RX100 Mk III

Probably the two most interesting items at the show were the new Canon and Nikon entries into the full-frame mirrorless photography fray. I’ve commented elsewhere that I believe that both companies failed to deliver on what the market wanted, and I still believe that to be the case. With that said, at least one of them is a brilliant camera, and does do a good job of capitalizing on the advantages of abandoning the legacy mount in favor of something new. 


Panasonic showed a non-functional example of their new full-frame camera, too. While I was disappointed that they did not have working examples of the camera on display, I do realize that they’re very early in the development process. The intriguing aspect of the Panasonic is their choice to use the existing Leica R-mount, as opposed to inventing a new series of lenses. This allows them to hit the ground running with a large catalog of extremely high-quality native lenses, unlike Canon and Nikon, who are relying on adapters to round out their lens catalog while developing new glass.

Several Species at Baltimore's MECU Pavilion (Formerly Pier Six)

As much as I’ve been writing about music stuff, I haven’t been doing much, if any, photography aside from cell phone snaps at work. Last night, I went to see Several Species, a Pink Floyd tribute band based here in the Baltimore area. As always, the put on a great show — better, in many ways, than an actual Pink Floyd concert. Like many venues, MECU usually has restrictions on what kind of cameras that the general public can bring in. The general rule of thumb is that the lens can’t extend more than 3 inches. So, I took along my Fujifilm X10 to use from my 12th row center seat.

The X10 is quite a few years old now, and it’s 12MP, 2/3 inch sensor, while excellent, is challenged in certain situations, like concerts. Still, I’m pretty happy with the images, despite the fact that some are pretty noisy, and that I missed/lost a few shots due to the slow auto focus.

What I’d really like is for Fujifilm to “grow up” the X10/X20/X30 series into a camera with a larger sensor — either 1” or APS-C — with an equivalent lens, for instance, an 18.5-75mm f/2.8-4.8 zoom for an APS-C sensor. Of course, that may make for a lens that extends greater than 3 inches…