Little Box of Soul

Well, now. Lookie here!Little Box of Soul After having to go into the office for a while this morning, I came home and went to work on my little CBG. In the shot at right, I had "assembled" it to give it a quick test -- the nut is not glued in place, the sound hole was not cut, and the "frets" weren't marked. But, it was together enough to tune up and play! Woohoo! I sounds great!

And, almost everything worked just as planned.

String Guides

There were a few little things that needed working out. As I half expected, there wasn't enough downward pressure on the strings between the nut and the tuning machines, and the middle string kept popping out of place. The remedy turned out to be pretty simple - a row of tiny screw eyes between the nut and the tuning machines pulls them down just enough, and helps guide the strings to all the correct angles.

The action is pretty low, so I decided that I would make this fretless. But, scale markings would definitely be needed if I was going to have any hope of knowing where I was on the neck when playing. Once marked according to the procedure in video I posted yesterday, I was happily surprised to find that the intonation was actually pretty darned close out of the gates. Only a little adjustment to the bridge was needed to get things tuned right up.

About all that's left to do now is to varnish up the neck (I'm a little reluctant to do that, because it's so playable as it is), and add the piezo pickup and guitar jack (and maybe a volume control).