Cigar Box Gitty Update

No picture at the moment -- tomorrow. But, I wanted to let you know what's up with the guitar. I decided to go ahead and varnish the neck. Further, I decided to get fancy with it. The back and sides of the neck, up to about 1/8" from the fretboard, is stained with MinWax Bombay Mahogany Poly, and the headstock and cutaway areas on either side of the box are stained with a deep gloss black. The fretboard and neck back have each also received three coats of clear satin polyurethane varnish. I also got some "embellishments" to add to the headstock and box, but Donna doesn't think I really need them. In any event, tomorrow night, I'll reinstall the tuners and re-string and tune the beast, and post a few pictures. Beyond that, I need to get a 500k volume control and knob, and I can put the pickup in it. And then, I'll record a sample for ya!