Fini - or just about...

Yes, it's pretty much done! The Little Box of Soul, my first cigar box guitar is built, save for two small details. As you can see, I need an appropriate volume knob. And I also need to finalize the placement of the pickup. Thanks go to Kevin for all his help and woodshop savvy. Here are a few pictures to show the completed guitar, and a few of the details that were built into it. You may remember that we wanted to place the cigar box so that it was "right side up" when viewed from the "audience." To do that, we had a couple of choices: Cut the rounded edge of the box, which would have been the easy way out, or shape the heck out of the neck. Of course, we couldn't go easy, and so we did a lot of shaping of the neck.

I also wanted the back of the neck to be shaped more like a "real" guitar, and that added to the complexity.

Finally, I went a little further overboard on the finishing. From a short distance, it appears that the neck stops just a little before it gets to the body, and then the tailpiece picks up again a short distance below the body. The idea was to set the box off from the neck. I also chose to create the appearance of a separate neck and fretboard, even though the neck/fretboard is really a single, solid piece of maple.

Give me a couple of days for some audio samples. I gotta learn to play the thing a little better first... :)