Sony: Back Into my System...

Sony Cyber Shot DSC-WX9 Back in January, I wrote that I thought I had finally gotten that whole Sony thing out of my system. Boy, was I wrong.

I recently purchased a new little point-and-shoot digital camera, the Sony Cyber Shot DSC-WX9. I bought it primarily for one purpose -- the sweep panorama mode, which automagically takes 15 image and stitches them together, producing an amazingly high-quality image. The idea was to be able to record panos to use as backgrounds for my model railroading efforts.

Amazingly, the image quality of the little WX9 can sometimes trump my Canons with their APS-C-sized sensors, and the feature set is nothing short of astounding.

Since then, I've found that I really, really like the "Sony way" -- at least as much as I liked the "Minolta way" back when we had the DiMage A1 and A2 cameras.

Decision Made -- I'm Making the Jump

Back in January, the object of my desire had been the then-new Sony A55, a D-SLR with a fixed, "pellicle" (semi-transparent) mirror. Since then, Sony have released a second-generation model, the A35, and "semi-pro" third generation models, the A65 and A77, are due to ship from Sony very soon.

For the vast majority of my use, the SLT-A35 looks to be a perfect choice -- both for stills and the limited amount of video that I do these days. There are a couple of "missing" features that would be nice (built-in GPS and a tilting, swiveling display), but that I've never had before. And, since I've never had them before, I seriously doubt that I'll actually miss them. (The alternative is the larger, heavier, traditional A580 D-SLR for about $200 more. I'll have to spend a little time with both before making a final decision)

Over the next few days, I'll be making an inventory of photo, video and audio gear that I've been holding on to, but have not used in the past six months or so. Those items will be listed for sale soon, and once the needed amount is raised (and a couple other things taken care of), I'll see about making a purchase.