VoiceTone Update

About a week ago, I mentioned that I had picked up a TC-Helicon VoiceTone H1 harmonizer. To say that it's was a good choice would be an understatement. The thing is nothing short of amazing, not so much because of what it does, but for how easily it does it! I've tried to use other vocal harmonizers in the past, and found them complicated to set up, and hard to sing with. The latter is, of course, my problem. Or rather, it was. And, it may have been in part to my being worried about tech, or maybe more about worrying about my singing ability. In any event, I'm really finding the box a joy to work with, and Friday night, we used it live for the first time:

What' s Funny About the Law [Stiffy Goat and the Caaaaarazy Nastyass Honey Badgers (aka Honey Badgers - w/ John Reynolds, Emily Rose Hoffman, Geren W Mortensen Jr, Mark Cunningham, Lee Hatfield, and Steve Tobias Cairo Pavlosky) - Peace, Love and Understanding/I Fought the LawAn unintentionally passable mix straight off the board. The bass might be a little heavy, but really what could be so bad about that?]

I have identified one more of these devices that I would like to have for myself -- the VoiceTone C1 Hardtune and Correction box -- my vocals are definitely better than they used to be, but I am not perfect!