Breaking the Mold and Rekindling the Fire

It's time to break my photographic mold, and I'm good with that.

For the most part, until now, I've been content to use my photography to record the world as I see it. Now I've decided to take "the next step" and move from documentary photography to photographic art.

So, what were the catalysts?

First up, playing with the new Sony cameras, along with some of the nifty cell phone camera apps, has prompted me to start to explore the "art" side of photography, and I'm finding that I actually enjoy something that has generally not interested me in the past.

Rick Sammon

The second bit is that in October, we'll be travelling to Croton-on-Hudson, where I'll spend a couple of intensive days learning and honing photographic skills with Rick Sammon. In the workshop, I'll be able to explore some subjects I've not tacled before, as well as get some clear instruction on some interesting post-production techniques. And finally, critique from a top-notch pro whom I really respect.

The other, possibly silly catalyst is the release of Photoshop CS6, and Adobe's new Creative Cloud. Folks, this is a bargain. For a modest monthly subscription fee, you get access to ALL of Adobe's professional software (except Lightroom -- that's coming soon), and you can install it on all of your computers (I have it on my big Acer laptop and on my 27" iMac). You also get a healthy 20GB of cloud storage and file sharing, and all upgrades are included as long as you maintain your membership. I use several Adobe apps regularly (Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects and Audition), and sometimes have need of a few of the others. Now, I've got that utility without having a to lay out a huge chunk of change all at once.

I also found that the Topaz Adjust, Topaz Simplify and Topaz Infocus plugins that I purchased some time ago were a free upgrade to the latest versions, and that I can now use the same license for both Mac and Windows, and my Photomatix software upgrade was a bargain, too.

There will be some additional shopping between now and the New York trip --  a couple of new lenses, filters and other accessories -- and I'll try to post more pictures as I play, learn and progress along this new path.

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