Bright Idea

No, I didn't take this with the new lens, or even with the SLT-A35. I don't carry the "big kit" with me wherever I go, although I probably should. Instead, I always have at least my cell phone and often carry the little Sony DSC-WX9, which is the camera I used to make this photograph.

I found this little vase and flower arrangement sitting on the concrete ledge of the parking garage where I work. The sunlight streaming through the colored water in the bulb cast a unique pattern on the hard concrete.

This is almost straight from the camera. I did use Photoshop CS6 to enhance the edges ever so slightly, remove part of a small shed that was peeking over the edge of the ledge (content-aware patch tool is amazing), add a slight vignette (which I could have done in-camera, but didn't), and add the watermark. The camera was in full auto mode.

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