Can a Pro Photographer Really Get a Great Photograph With a Cheap Camera?

The following video was shamelessly nicked from the PetaPixel web site and DigitalRev TV. It's been discussed to death -- a good photographer can make a good photograph with practically any camera. I think by now that most of us get that. But here, Zack Arias, given a really cheesy point-and-shoot camera made by Kodak and some sort of Nikon flash proves the point -- and more.

So, yeah, Zack makes some great pictures. We expected that, didn't we? But what's more interesting to me in this video isn't that he could pull off the cheap camera challenge. It's not even so much the effectiveness of his one flash technique. It's his interaction with the people on the street, despite a huge language barrier. If he can manage that kind of nearly instant rapport with people who don't speak his language, imagine what we all should be able to mange with people who do speak the same language we do.

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