Aperture to Lightroom: The Pleasure and The Pain Part 2

Last week, I posted that I had started to migrate from Aperture to Lightroom, and that I had all my images exported and ready to bring into Lightroom. That import went relatively smoothly. About 42,000 images, as expected. I then realized that I had images on several external hard disks that needed to be part of the collection, too. So, I spent large parts of Saturday, Sunday and Monday moving all that data around and importing those images into the library. My library quickly ballooned to over 90,000 images, and many are duplicates!!! And, performance was beginning to suffer as well.

I quickly decided that there were a number of older projects' images that really didn't need to be in the main image library -- those we took for various weddings and several commercial jobs that I've done. Those images were all moved into separate Lightroom libraries which, along with removing a bunch of stuff that I just knew was crap that I would never need or want again, took up almost all of yesterday. That all moved about 23,000 images out of my way.

This morning, I went in to start tackling the duplicates and suddenly realized that about eight months worth of images were missing. Bloody hell! Did I delete them accidentally? A quick look in Aperture revealed that they were missing from there as well. While I know that I didn't shoot a lot during that period, I did shoot, and some of those images I was quite happy with! I also noticed that my edits to my past three shoots were not in Lightroom. This was getting disturbing. And I was getting tired, so I decided to step away.

It then occurred to me that those missing edits were actually already in Lightroom, but stored on my Laptop, so that worry was over. But, what about all those missing images?

This morning, I went in search, and found the missing pictures hiding out in a separate Aperture /iPhoto library file on a shared network drive. So, now I'm back into the export/import business for another 3,800 images.

Does anyone remember where I put my sanity?

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