Some Looks at the Surface Pro

Microsoft Surface Pro We purchased Microsoft Surface Pro tablets at work to replace our clunky, aging Dell laptops. Along with the tablets, we got Type Cover keyboards, display-port-to-VGA adapters, and Office 2013. To mine, I'll add a few of the Windows8-native applications I installed on my little Acer AspireOne netbook. From time to time, I'll give reports on how the Surfaces are working out for us here in actual day-to-day use.

As you know from my previous posts, I do like Windows8, and aside from the aesthetics, Office 2013 in general is a bit more friendly than the previous versions I had gotten [sort of] used to. My initial impressions of the hardware are, so far, positive. The touch screen is responsive, and aside from my fat fingers, touching things generally delivers the expected result. The Type Cover keyboard requires some getting used to -- the keys feel a little smaller and more closely spaced than my Acer laptop -- but is a much more comfortable option than the Touch Cover for people used to touch-typing on standard keyboards.

As I mentioned, there will be more as I use the new machine more.

The image here shows my Surface with Outlook running. I took the snapshot with my iPhone and edited it slightly using Adobe Photoshop Touch. I then published it to my Adobe Cloud storage which nearly immediately synced the image to my personal laptop (just visible in the background of the picture) for inclusion in this post.



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