X10 Inbound

Fujifilm X10 I pulled the trigger and ordered the Fujifilm X10. I’m really looking forward to getting it. Unfortunately, it probably won’t get here before the weekend.

I find it very interesting that several of the well-known photographers I follow are relying more and more on various compact system cameras and less on their big DSLR kits. Many of them seem to be gravitating to the Fujifilm X-Pro 1 or maybe the X-E1. I find them both to be very intriguing, given my current desire to simplify as much as possible without sacrificing quality. Unfortunately, my budget does not allow purchasing any of the APS-C X-series camera bodies any time soon.

Another sticking  point for me is my lenses. I really don't want to lose the use of the few Minolta lenses I have acquired. Obviously, I can keep my Sony SLT-A35 body and continue to hold on to that kit -- which I'm certain I will for some time. There are some adapters available to use A-Mount lenses on the Fuji bodies, but they do so with no automation what-so-ever. Without aperture rings on the lenses, I have no idea if the operation would be acceptable.

As I re-read what I've just written, I see that I'm echoing the comments of several other photographers who are making, or have made, transitions to "digital rangefinders."


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