Missed Opportunities

Missed Opportunity The lesson of the day: If you see a photographic opportunity, take it. Don't worry that the light isn't just right, or that you don't have the right lens, or whatever. Just take it. Do whatever it takes. Otherwise, the image above is what you'll end up with. Here's the story.

This morning on my way to work, I saw something that I wanted to make a picture of. Beautiful rolling fields with rolls of baled hay, arranged perfectly. I had my new Fujifilm X10 with me. There was great color and contrast. And, I thought, "that will be perfect in afternoon light. I'll stop and grab the shot on the way home!"

I didn't stop and take the shot that was in front of me at the moment.

On the way home, I came to the spot and slowed down. As anticipated, the light was gorgeous! But, during the day, while I was busy working, the farmer had loaded all the hay bales up onto a truck and taken them, and my photographs, away.


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