X10 At The Faire

I took the Fujifilm X10 to the Maryland Renaissance Festival today. We had also planned to join a photo walk group at an area farm to shoot some sunflowers, but the weather didn't cooperate with that. The Renaissance Festival did give me a good opportunity to play, however. On thing I'd heard about the Fujifilm cameras is that the in-camera RAW conversion is excellent -- better than Adobe's raw converter -- so I thought I'd shoot RAW+JPEG so I could compare the internal conversions to Lightroom. Here's one such comparison:

One interesting thing I noticed in the conversions is that Adobe's raw processing slightly distorts the image aspect ratio. From an appearance standpoint, I can't see any reason to not use the JPEGs out of the camera. They are as good or better than what I can make in Lightroom. I'll most likely shoot RAW+JPEG, so that I have the opportunity to re-convert the images if I want to, as the Fujifilm cameras have the unique ability to reprocess RAW files if they're put back in the camera later.

As I mentioned previously, the camera can emulate different Fuji films internally. The camera default is to emulate Provia, but I generally prefer Velvia for its richer colors and higher contrast.

One function I wasn't able to try out was the "Intelligent Zoom." When you're RAW or RAW+JPEG, the function is not available. Since we're planning to go back to the Renaissance Festival fora while tomorrow, I'll turn off raw for a while so I can play with the zoom.

It's also possible to in-camera cropping and resizing, but those functions are best reserved for quick web posting or e-mailing.

As far as handling goes, while I'm still getting used to the placement of the various controls, I found shooting with the X10 very refreshing. It's fast and light and ... fun!

Here's are a few more pictures from today:

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