Maryland Renaissance Festival 9-22-13

We spent a fun day at the Renaissance Festival, and I shot exclusively with the X10 again. This time, I played a lot with the "intelligent digital zoom", and also let the camera make a lot more of the decisions. You can see the results in the gallery below. Clicking on an image makes it bigger.
While the images from today look generally fine on the web, I was not as pleased with the shots in Lightroom -- particularly those shot with the digital zoom. I kind of expected as much. They're not horrible, but you definitely have to watch what you're doing with them. Most of my shots today were shot using aperture-preferred automation, with the balance being a mixture of program- and shutter-preferred or manual exposure. The manual mode is surprisingly easy to work with on the X10, unlike many other digital cameras.

There's still much to learn, and still much fun to be had! I can really see why many top-level photographers are either switching away from DLSRs to the higher-end Fujifilm X-series or Sony NEX digitals, or at very least, adding them to their arsenals.


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