Catonsville Oystoberfest 2013

We went down to Catonsville today to catch The Steam Powered Orchestra. Two of the guys in the band are the sons of the singer in my band. The boys tore it up on stage, once they got rolling. Turns out their drummer didn't get the memo about the gig, and they had to find a fill-in. They were able to get Jamie Wilson from O'Malley's March to come out at the last moment, and he didn't miss a beat! Most of the time, it sounded like he'd been playing with the band forever. Of course, there were pictures:

We also hooked up with friends Rob (my old UgotaWanit partner) and his lovely wife, Theresa, for lunch.

From there, we headed back to Westminster to Jessapalooza to catch Train Wreck. No pictures from that, I'm afraid. Too dark in the too small room. But, a rockin' good time was had! Tomorrow, it's back to the last day of the Maryland Renaissance Festival. There will be pictures, so stay tuned!