What? There are Ads on gerenm.net?

As some of you have noticed, there are now advertisements on gerenm.net net. So, what's up with that? On one hand, it's a good way for me to bring some things to your attention that I feel are good products at decent products. It's also a way for me to make a couple extra bucks -- when you click on one of the ads, and then make a purchase, I get a small cut of the action. Right now, there are three vendors I've added affiliate links for the Dreamscapes e-store and Borrowlenses.com. Each of these companies offer what I consider to be good values and quality products.

I'll be adding more, similar links in the future, but only if I find programs that I feel offer good values to you -- it's really more about bringing good things to your attention than it is about adding to my bottom line. For instance, even though I'm planning to move to Fujifilm cameras (although that's not cast in stone yet), I think that the sub-$500 price on the Sony SLT-A65 I mentioned in the previous post represents an excellent value. Likewise, the ebooks and other materials available through Dreamscapes are top-notch. And, borrowlenses.com offers just about the widest array of photo gear for rent anywhere at great prices and with excellent customer service.

If there's a vendor that you particularly like, and you think that it would be of benefit to other readers of gerenm.net, please let me know. If I agree, and they offer an affiliate program, I'll add them to the site. Just drop me a note through the Contact page.