Fuji X-Pro1 23mm versus A900 full frame at 35mm

Via Tony Sweet (on Facebook), from the forums on DPReview.com: dpreview_Fuji_v_FFA few days back, a user on dpreview.com posted an interesting comparison between a Sony Alpha A900 (23.4mp full-frame) and a Fujifilm X-Pro1 (16mp APS-C), using lenses with an "equivalent" focal length -- a 35mm Minolta Maxxum lens on the A900, and a 23mm Fujifilm lens on the X-Pro1, for the purposes of comparing depth-of-field and bokeh. He was careful to also calculate and use "equivalent" apertures in his comparison.

You can view the full comparison by clicking here, or on the image at the left.

For those who are contemplating a move to a full-frame or to the Fuji system, the results are certainly interesting and compelling.

Spoiler alert: You'll be hard pressed to see a difference.