Reuters Reports Only Canon, Nikon and Sony Will Survive in the Camera Market

An article in the New York Times claims that only Canon, Nikon and Sony will be able to survive the current economics of the camera market. I'm not entirely sure I agree. This and other articles blame improvements in cell-phone cameras for eroding the DLSR market. That's just not true, as the customer base is simply not the same. I'm sure that great cell phone cameras are hurting point-and-shoot camera sales, and to that end, some manufacturers have dropped many of their lower-end models. That makes good sense.

Further, while companies like Fujifilm, Olympus and Sony continue to create innovative designs and push technology forward, Canon and Nikon continue to market decidedly "me too" models that are barely upgrades from previous models. This, coupled with really disappointing efforts to meet the innovation of other makers in the mirrorless markets, make Canon and Nikon increasingly irrelevant in a changing market.

Another area the report claims that Fujifilm, Olympus and Panasonic fall short in is the addition of wireless connectivity to their cameras. In truth, all of the manufacturers save one are slow to add WiFi and the ability to easily upload pictures to Facebook and other social media outlets. The manufacturer leading in that area isn't even mentioned in the article at all: Samsung, with their Galaxy NX, offers this capability across all sectors of the market.

Of course, only time will tell who will remain players in a difficult-but-slowly-improving economy. But I wouldn't count anyone out at this point.