Fuji X-E1 First Shot

20140401-DSCF0022 Shopping at B&H is probably the next best thing to supporting a local camera shop. I ordered my new Fujifilm X-E1 on Monday at around 3:30 in the afternoon, and last night, I was sitting at my kitchen table, eating dinner and fooling around setting the camera up.

The picture is certainly no award-winner, but I was just wanting to see what real-life, crappy lighting conditions could yield. The image is a JPEG straight from the camera, including the 1:1 crop. The only thing I did in Lightroom was to add the copyright, and re-size to 1080 pixels for the blog.

The picture itself won't win any awards. But it does demonstrate how usable an image the camera can make in bad lighting at ISO 3200.

Fujifilm X-E1, ISO 25,600, 1/100, f/4, 55mm

For giggles and grins, I did take one image at the camera's maximum ISO of 25,600. The result was an image that probably wouldn't hold up to print, but would be okay for web use (the thumbnail is gorgeous, and the enlarged image looks better than my Sony at ISO 6400). In other words, I should not be afraid to really push the ISO with this camera, as I have been with all of my previous cameras. While most of my work won't call for doing that, it's nice to know I can if I need to.

Fujifilm X-E1, in-camera double-exposure

And, here's another cool thing: I can now do double-exposures in-camera! I haven't been able to do this since I stopped shooting film. Actually, the last camera I had that I could do a double-exposure with (if you don't count Hipstamatic on the iPhone) was my Canon AE-1! I don't necessarily have a lot of use for it, but I could conceivably create "Orton images" in camera, which could be fun.