Lightroom Mobile?

This image is the first I've done using Adobe's new Lightroom Mobile for iOS. So, does it live up to the hype? Meh. There are many image editing apps for iOS that have a better feature set, more adjustments, etc. But none offer the ability to sync automatically to my desktop and laptop computers (once I update to the latest Lightroom 5.4 at home).

This was taken with an iPhone 5, which synced over to my iPad Mini through iCloud. I edited the image in Lightroom Mobile, saved it to the iPad, and then posted it here.

Frankly, I'm much more interested in the functionality of Lightroom 5.4, which promises increased functionality with Fujifilm raw files -- Fuji's in-camera film simulations are now supported by Lightroom (and the newest Adobe Camera Raw). Of course, they dropped these new versions today, when I have to work extra-late...