FCC Will Auction More UHF Spectrum

Some time back, I asserted my belief that UHF was going to be a bad place to be for wireless microphones. As it turns out, I was right. The next group of frequencies that will affect wireless microphones to go onto the auction block will likely be the 600MHz band, maybe as soon as next year. Shure GLXD24-SM58 2.4Hz wireless microphone package (photo by Shure)

Meanwhile, wireless microphone manufacturers are finally beginning to make relatively affordable systems available in the 2.4GHz band -- right where I said they ought to be going. Shure's GLX-D systems start at around $500 for a tabletop receiver and handheld SM58 wireless mic (check it out at Sweetwater).

The GLX-system looks to be fairly complete, too, with a full line of options for hand-held and body-pack mics and instruments, as well as table-top/rack-mount or camera-mount receivers. Shure also offers a 900-MHz digital system, but that what's left of that frequency-band is getting increasingly crowded.

Still, wireless in-ear monitor systems are conspicuously absent from the 2.4GHz band, with most manufacturers seamingly still burying their collective heads in the sand. If the wireless microphone frequencies are becoming unavailable, what do they think is going to happen to their in-ear systems? They operate in the same frequency ranges... I'm just sayin'...