The Paddock

I was at the Maryland State Fairgrounds today for a model train show. Since I'm an "exhibitor," I was able to get some special parking, and I chose to park in the paddock area. As I was walking back to the car, I glanced into one of the stables, and noted some interesting patterns, and decided to take use the X-E1 to make some pictures of something more interesting than a Dr. Pepper can.


I'm particularly impressed with the sharpness of the 18-55mm kit lens. This is shot at 18mm, wide open at f/2.8. Close examination will reveal tremendous detail in the chain link fence that is across the road outside the far end of the stable, which you can see in this crop:


I'm sorry it doesn't get any bigger, but if you look, you can see the fence. Pretty darned impressive.

I was also pretty amazed at the dynamic range in the raw file, which I processed in Lightroom 5.4. I was able to pull out most of the detail from the nearly-blown-out area outside the doorway, If I'd've underexposed by a half-stop, I probably could have gotten all the detail back without having to push so hard that the greens blocked up as much as they did.