Kite-boards at Assateague

We wandered over to Assateague this afternoon to see if we could see any birds or the new pony, but the throngs of people had most of the wildlife scared off. We did see some ponies, but they were off in the distance, and really weren't posing well. The wind was up, though, and the crazies were busy flying around on their kite-boards. I took it as an opportunity to make more pictures you're not supposed to be able to make with the Fujifilm X-E1 and the XC 50-230mm lens. I also make a couple of pretty "marsh-scapes," and, since it is the "unofficial first day of summer" here on the eastern shore, I made the obligatory "pretty girl on the beach" shot.

I used the "back button focus" technique, and all manual exposure (mostly, the good old "sunny sixteen" rule).

All images taken with a Fujifilm X-E1, and processed with Photos, Perfectly Clear, and/or Snapseed on an Apple iPad Air 2.

All images by and copyright (c) Geren W. Mortensen, Jr., All Rights Reserved.