Topaz Labs Release New Texture Effects! And a Limited Time Offer!

tower_ba Texture Effects allows users to create a variety of textured, toned, and lighting effects in a fraction of the time it takes in other editing software. The program includes a library of over 150 expertly crafted effects, an extensive collection of texture assets (275+ high-resolution assets!), and instant access to effects other Topaz users have shared with the new Topaz Community. That means no more scouring the web for a look that inspires you. With Texture Effects, inspiration is only a click away!

You can read about some of most exciting features in this Quick Intro PDF, and watch these short Texture Effects Tips (under 2 minutes each) videos to see how the most important areas in Texture Effects work:

Limited Time Offer

And now, the best part: Topaz Texture Effects will be on sale from November 10th through November 20th. The retail price for Texture Effects is only $69.99. However you can purchase for only $49.99 ($20 off) until November 20th by using this coupon code: TEXTUREFX. Buy or find out more about Topaz Texture Effects by clicking here, or on the image below.