Mackie Releases Master Fader 4 for DL Series Mixers

I did tell you that there would continue to be content about audio stuff, didn't i?

At any rate, Mackie have released a new version of Master Fader, the iOS control app for their DL-series digital mixers. This is a huge upgrade, and the result is a very mature, and even more usable mixer. Here's Mackie's new features video (click image to play video):

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What's New in Version 4.0.0

• An RTA is now available on all output mixes and subgroups
• The Recording/Playback view now allows management, playback and exporting of recorded files for DL1608/DL806
• Added copy/paste for input channels, subgroups and output mixes
• UI is now scalable for vertical/horizontal orientation and for split view in iOS 9
• Master Fader now supports iPhone and iPod touch devices, eliminating need for separate My Fader app
• Supports iPad Pro® to show more faders, bigger controls and even finer resolution
• Enhanced iPhone/iPod touch UI, adding pan control and faster menu navigation
• Enhanced Access Limiting allows hiding of unused controls
• New Quick Assign for channel ID icons and colors speeds up setup
• Enhanced importing and exporting of shows, snapshots using integrated iOS system sharing
• An oscillator is now available and can be routed to any channel for setup and testing purposes (DL32R only)
• Enhanced Devices View in settings
• Improved channel naming workflow
• Added a custom keyboard for entering values
• Improved VCA routing views and navigation
• Added new settings for talkback mode (DL32R only)
• Added pan to access limiting
• Now can support up to 20 iOS devices simultaneously
• Lots of other small bug fixes and enhancements

At least one of the new features is something that I requested some time ago -- the ability to copy/paste channels and mixes. I can't wait to try it out on a gig!