Dowsing My Flickr Flame

I've decided to delete my Flickr account. Over the past few hours, my machine has been dutifully backing up all my Flickr images. I should have copies of everything locally, but there have been a few images that have gone missing over the years. Anyway, I found a shareware utility called DownloadAir that made the job easy.

I'm leaving Flickr because I really dislike what they've done to the site and service over the past couple of years, and I find I'm just never using the service any more, either to add pictures, or browse other peoples' work. It's kind of sad, since I've been on Flickr since its inception back in 2004, before Yahoo! got a hold of it, and had almost 5,500 images there.

Another reason for my leaving Flickr is their connection with Getty Images, who has managed, through legal shenanigans, to make it legal to claim ownership and resell licenses of public domain images held by the Library of Congress.

As soon as I'm finished with deleting my account, I'm going to breakfast. Yeah. That sounds good.