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Apparently, this is real...

Sequential Circuits Prophet 600

When I sold my Prophet 600, I almost immediately regretted it. That seems to happen with most musical things I sell. Unfortunately, I can't keep everything, can I.

Anyway, since the day I sold the Prophet, I've wanted another analog synth, but haven't found anything that 1) sounded good, (2) was affordable, and (3) had a keybed of 49 keys or more. Picky, aren't I?

The synth above is a new analog synth that's been rumored from Behringer/Midas, and from what I've been seeing lately, it's going to be pretty awesome and (maybe) pretty affordable and I'm probably going to want to have one.

Synth geek-speak to follow...

The particulars that I've seen are pretty impressive. It's like a Roland Juno and a Sequential Prophet 8 combined into a modern, digitally controlled analog synth. I'm sure to keep the price reasonably, there will be compromises, but from what I can see, there are two 12-voice polyphonic oscillators, two LFOs, two DCOs, a 4-pole and 2-pole filter, a high-pass filter with a LF boost, and then the usual envelope control. Also in the mix is a sequencer/arpegiator, portamento control, pitch wheel, and modulation wheel. At least one external controller is also supported. Oh, yes, and effects. All of this is controllable via the usual array of sliders and buttons for a synth of this type -- and there's also a computer/tablet-based editor. A DAW plug-in is also hinted at.

Of course, all of this is supposition until Behringer make an official announcement.