Goin' With The [Work]flow - Pt 4

This will not be a terribly exciting post, at least to most of you. And, there aren't going to be any pictures. Sorry.

Last February, I started down the path of improving my photo editing workflow by looking at alternatives to Adobe's Lightroom. In late March, I compared Lightroom with Capture One Pro, and finally, mid-year, I discussed On1 Browse, which is a part of On1 Photo. You can read those commentaries by visiting this link.

It's now the beginning of a new year, and time to implement a new plan for image organization and processing. I've chosen the new On1 Photo RAW product. As important is choosing new software tools, I also need to establish a storage scheme that is as consistent as possible, considering the diverse tools I'll be using for image acquisition -- Fujifilm digital cameras, the new [to me] Bronica film system, and my iPhone.

My thought is that current projects will live on my laptop (with backup copies residing on the drobo). In the past, I've organized by camera, and then by date, with a possible notation in the directory name of the subject. I was also very lazy about any kind of meta-tagging, which made finding images difficult. I kind of had to remember when I took a picture, so I'd know which camera I used, and then, assuming my memory was working, I might find the picture. JPEGs and raw files sat side-by-side in the same directory.

With the Fujis, I've found that I use the raw files less and less, instead relying mostly on the excellent JPEG files out of the camera. So, going forward, I'll be saving the raws in a sub-folder of the JPEGs. If I need to process the raws, they'll be handy, but not intermixed with the JPEGs.

Images from the Bronica will come in as high-resolution scans from the lab, unless I decide to get a film scanner. iPhone shots will be stored in iCloud and referenced in Browse.

Once an image is completed, an export will be stored in folders based on subject, and posted to the web via this website. Finally, there will be hard output -- either individual prints or photo books, or both.

At least, that's the plan.