After lunch with friends this afternoon, we drove up to Gettysburg to take some pictures.

While there, I finished running the first roll of film through the Bronica today, testing the 80mm f/2.8 and 150mm f/4 in the process (I'd already shot the 50mm f/3.5 that was on the camera when I bought it). I also relied on the meter in the prism finder for both automatic and manual exposures.

Everything seems to have worked perfectly, although the meter in the Bronica didn't jibe exactly with the meter in the Fujifilm X10 or the iPhone meter app I've downloaded, so we'll see how things work out when I get the film processed.

I'll send the film off to be processed and scanned in the next couple of days, and will share some results as soon as I have them.

Donna used the opportunity to start familiarizing herself with her new camera. No, she didn't make a switch to a Fujifilm mirrorless body. She upgraded her several-year-old Canon EOS T1i to a new T6i.