Roll 6919

As reported a few days ago, I sent the first roll of film from the Bronica off to be developed. I just received word that my pictures were ready for download. While none of the shots are spectacular photographs -- I really just wanted to make sure everything was working correctly -- I actually got some half-decent images. 10 of 12 are presentable "straight out of camera". Of the other two, one had a bad exposure reading, and the other, too slow a shutter speed for me to hand hold.

So here they are, straight from the processor:

The first three images were made in Frederick, using the 50mm lens, and the rest were made in Gettysburg. Images three through six with the 80mm lens, and seven through nine with the 150mm lens. I used the 50mm for the last three shots.

As I said, a couple are far less than perfect, but most of them are at least pleasing, and show that everything works pretty much as it should. And, with a little post work, I'd consider at least a couple of them actual "keepers"!