Nikon Df Leaks

I'm not usually one to jump on the gear leak bandwagon. There are plenty of sites out there just for that. But, I've been following this one pretty closely, and I decided to share the latest. Why? 'Cause I'm a hit whore. I mean, "Nikon Df," and "whore" are guaranteed to drive my search rankings through the roof! Anyway, here's one of the pictures that's been floating around today. Nikon Df in Black and Silver.

It's not a bad looking camera, really. As you can see, it's bristling with knobs and buttons. There's a shutter speed knob next to the shutter button, and on the other side, an ISO knob and an exposure compensation knob for +/- 3-stops. It has good specifications, a "full-frame" 16.2MP sensor, and will work with virtually any Nikon lens or accessory you can throw at it; both AI and non-AI lenses are supported, along with all the more modern lenses. It is more like an F3 than an FM, which is in many ways a disappointment.

The leaked price is the killer, though. Nearly $2750.00 for the body. Guess what? At that price, there'll be no Nikon movement for me! If I were to go full-frame right now (which I won't), the choice would be a Sony Alpha 7 with the appropriate lens adapter to use my Minolta lenses, despite the slightly awkward shutter release position.