Replacing the Placeholders

Zoom G3 Guitar Effects and Amp Simulator For those keeping score ...

Some time back, I purchased a couple of effects as "place holders" to use temporarily until I could afford something more suitable. I've also been rather unhappy with the Tech 21 "Blonde" overdrive pedal. While it's great for guitar, it's a bit too sensitive for use in an effects loop or with keyboards.

If you look back at the previous entries in this series (links are at the top of this post), you'll see that I was intent on buying some "boutique" pedals to replace them. However, after some research, and at the urging of our bass player, I decided to pick up a Zoom G3 guitar multi-effect and amp simulator. Our great little local music store, Coffey Music, happened to have a used one at a very attractive price (better even than used prices on eBay!).

The G3 is a programmable replacement for several stomp boxes. At any one time, three are displayed on the panel and work just like a "real" effect. With the recently released version 2.1 firmware loaded, the G3 can actually have up to six effects running at a time.

edit-share-screenshot-cropWhile it's really easy to program from the front panel, it's even easier to use the free editor software to lay out a complete effects pedal on screen. In addition to saving to the G3, effects setups can be saved to disk or shared with other users through Zoom's user community.

I'm not going to put it into the pedal board just yet. We have a private party gig in a week, and I don't want to disrupt the setup so close to a gig. In the mean time, I'll start setting up at least the basics. Then, I can fine tune it for each song.

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