X10 At The Faire

I took the Fujifilm X10 to the Maryland Renaissance Festival today. We had also planned to join a photo walk group at an area farm to shoot some sunflowers, but the weather didn't cooperate with that. The Renaissance Festival did give me a good opportunity to play, however. On thing I'd heard about the Fujifilm cameras is that the in-camera RAW conversion is excellent -- better than Adobe's raw converter -- so I thought I'd shoot RAW+JPEG so I could compare the internal conversions to Lightroom. Here's one such comparison:

One interesting thing I noticed in the conversions is that Adobe's raw processing slightly distorts the image aspect ratio. From an appearance standpoint, I can't see any reason to not use the JPEGs out of the camera. They are as good or better than what I can make in Lightroom. I'll most likely shoot RAW+JPEG, so that I have the opportunity to re-convert the images if I want to, as the Fujifilm cameras have the unique ability to reprocess RAW files if they're put back in the camera later.

As I mentioned previously, the camera can emulate different Fuji films internally. The camera default is to emulate Provia, but I generally prefer Velvia for its richer colors and higher contrast.

One function I wasn't able to try out was the "Intelligent Zoom." When you're RAW or RAW+JPEG, the function is not available. Since we're planning to go back to the Renaissance Festival fora while tomorrow, I'll turn off raw for a while so I can play with the zoom.

It's also possible to in-camera cropping and resizing, but those functions are best reserved for quick web posting or e-mailing.

As far as handling goes, while I'm still getting used to the placement of the various controls, I found shooting with the X10 very refreshing. It's fast and light and ... fun!

Here's are a few more pictures from today:

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Let Me Make This Perfectly Clear

A couple weeks back, Rick Sammon posted on his blog about a plug-in called Perfectly Clear. He also talked briefly about it during the workshop we attended. I finally got around to trying it out a little bit today.

In this case, the effect is subtle, as I'd already done a fair amount of work on the image. But, the already decent image got a lot snappier after a literally single-click adjustment.

Here are a few more I fooled around with at lunch today. Some worked really well.

ACR / Lightroom Color Profiles for Sony Digital Cameras

Sony shooter Maurizio Piraccini has made color profiles for every Sony (and Minolta) interchangeable-lens digital camera made, and they're available for free download from his web site. Photoclubalpha provides some good background and "how to" advice for using color profiles as well. Note that Maurizio's profiles are designed to work with raw files, not JPEGs, the idea being to mimic available camera creative settings.

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