Maryland Renaissance Festival 10-20-13 - Day of Wrong

Today was closing day, and "the day of wrong" at the Maryland Renaissance Festival. It was a great way to (almost) finish out what has been a fantastic autumn weekend.

Maryland Renaissance Festival 10-12-13

Another visit to the Maryland Renaissance Festival today to pick up our new wedding bands. Donna's needed to be re-re-sized (yes, I know that was redundant, but it is accurate). Anyway, while we were waiting for the re-re-sizing, and before we ran away from the rain, we wandered around a little -- of course.

We'll do some pictures of the new rings once we get Donna's new engagement ring, which will be done either next week or the week after.


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Maryland Renaissance Festival 10-5-13

We spent a very fun (and hot) day at the Maryland Renaissance Festival. Most of today was spent visiting with Q (a.k.a. The Bishop of Roddenberry a.k.a. Will) and Lady Jenne. There was more emphasis of walking and talking and being social and poking around than on photography today.

Maryland Renaissance Festival 9-29-13

And, we're back! Yup, we visited the Maryland Renaissance Festival again today. Here are today's pictures:

With the exception of cropping and a couple of my "standard" Lightroom settings (basically noise reduction and sharpening), all of these pictures save two are just as they came from the camera.

Maryland Renaissance Festival 9-28-13

We headed down the the Maryland Renaissance Festival with our friend Lynn again today (and we'll probably go for a while tomorrow as well). This weekend's special performances were by the Mediaeval Baebes, an absolutely amazing group from the UK. I recorded just one of their songs today... [embedplusvideo height="335" width="580" editlink="" standard="" vars="ytid=au30SW5C8EE&width=580&height=335&start=&stop=&rs=w&hd=0&autoplay=0&react=1&chapters=¬es=" id="ep2342" /]

And, here are a few pictures from today. Once again, everything was shot with the Fujifilm X10.


Maryland Renaissance Festival 9-2-13

We visited Revel Grove again today, this time with our friend Lynn in tow. Since Lynn is not going to be heading out the Festival as often as we are this year, we did pack in a lot of activity -- I think we caught six or seven performances this day! Our feet are tired, and our muscles sore, but a splendid time was had by all. We also ran into one of our favorite former baristas from our favorite local coffee shop.

We also paid another visit to R.E. Piland Goldsmiths, a fine jeweler who has had a shop at the Festival for as long as I can remember, with an eye to finally get our permanent wedding bands. I think we've just about made up our minds which ones we want. All I'll say for now is that the rings are from their Silver Celtic Wedding Bands collection. There will be pictures once we get the new rings sometime in the next few weeks. We will be looking into getting Donna's diamond reset as well.

Due to other commitments, we won't be back at the Festival until the weekend of September 21.

On a "photo-geek" note, I took all the pictures yesterday and today with the old Maxxum 28-85mm f/3.5-4.5 lens. I'm pretty sure I'll be sticking with the Minolta (and Sigma) lenses when I use the SLR through the rest of the Festival run. As old as the Maxxum lenses are, they're sharper and faster than the more convenient Tamron 18-270mm all-in-one lens. Furthermore, I really prefer the way these old lenses render colors -- I spend far less time "fixing" in post processing, and can concentrate more on "creating" instead.

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Maryland Renaissance Festival 9-1-13

It was a very hot -- and humid -- day at the Maryland Renaissance Festival. Still, a fun time was had, and a few pictures were taken. Highlights were hearing Roxanne Bruscha, Dublin 5, The Rogues and the O'Danny Duo, plus seeing our friends Will and Jenne.
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