Cleaning the Slate

This post contains no pictures.

I've been thinking recently that it might be a good idea for me, photographically, to pretty much delete everything and start over. I look back on most of my work, and I find most of it to be little more than an uninspired collection of snapshots taking up space in a mish-mash of folders and libraries on my hard drives. There's no direction. No theme. No commonality. I wallow in it, and grow disenchanted. I want to throw it all away.

In the coming weeks, On1 will be releasing their newest iteration of their image processing suite. The new version will be called On1 Photo RAW, and I'm excited for it to be released. I think I mentioned some time ago that I've been using On1 software ever since I bought my first MacBook, back in 2006 (I think that's when I bought it). The product was OnOne Essentials 2, which was an add-on for iPhoto. OnOne, now On1, has figured into my photo workflow ever since.

With the coming of new software comes an opportunity to start over, to rid myself of the tens of thousands of crappy images, and to more clearly define what I want my photographic direction to be and to more clearly define what I want my photography to say. It's an opportunity to refocus (yes, pun intended) by cleaning the slate. Indeed. It is time.