Before and ... After

I know I said I wasn't going to do it, but, having taken a day off work to make up for an extremely long day yesterday, I decided that I'd go ahead and rebuild my pedal board. So, here's the "before" setup:


The effects order was modulators (Rubber Chicken, tremolo), overdrive/amp/cabinet simulators (Blonde, Roto-Machine), delay, and then master volume.

The two keyboard volumes are set up to control "expression", and the DSSP dual sustain pedal is set up as "damper" on both the X50 and the PS60. The Mic Mechanic is, of course, not in the keyboard loop -- it's just for my vocals.

You'll notice in this shot, the Ernie Ball VP Jr. is hanging off the bottom of the board. Another problem with the old setup is that the power connections were pure afterthought, and just kind of piled up at the back of the board. That looked really sloppy.

The new configuration is much neater:

... and after

Obviously, with the Zoom G3 taking over all of the other effects, there's much less going on. The keyboard volume and sustain pedals are pretty much the same. There's now an expression pedal for the G3, which in my basic setup controls vibrato rate (there's no rotary simulator in the G3, so I had to make one out of a phaser and a vibrato -- it sounds great, by the way).

I cut out the upper shelf on the board to accommodate the Ernie Ball pedal, and made space for a second one. It can be wired to work as an expression pedal, and the action is great for controlling the vibrato on the G3, so I'm going to order a second one.

There's now some open space I intend to use for a button mod for the G3 that eliminates the need to press two switches at once for the scroll and bank select functions.


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