Several Species - Ultimate Pink Floyd Experience

Several Species, our regional Pink Floyd tribute band, played an outdoor fest late last month. I took the little Sony RX100mIII to take the pictures.

The band was awesome, as always. Tech problems did mar a couple of songs, but by-and-large, their set was amazing, as always. It was Donna’s first time seeing them, and she was blown away.

I shot these as raw+JPEG, and processed them in Lightroom CC. These are all from raw files. I honestly don’t know that they’re any better than the JPEGs from the Sony on previous shoots. What I do know is that they’re not Fuji files…

Several Species at Baltimore's MECU Pavilion (Formerly Pier Six)

As much as I’ve been writing about music stuff, I haven’t been doing much, if any, photography aside from cell phone snaps at work. Last night, I went to see Several Species, a Pink Floyd tribute band based here in the Baltimore area. As always, the put on a great show — better, in many ways, than an actual Pink Floyd concert. Like many venues, MECU usually has restrictions on what kind of cameras that the general public can bring in. The general rule of thumb is that the lens can’t extend more than 3 inches. So, I took along my Fujifilm X10 to use from my 12th row center seat.

The X10 is quite a few years old now, and it’s 12MP, 2/3 inch sensor, while excellent, is challenged in certain situations, like concerts. Still, I’m pretty happy with the images, despite the fact that some are pretty noisy, and that I missed/lost a few shots due to the slow auto focus.

What I’d really like is for Fujifilm to “grow up” the X10/X20/X30 series into a camera with a larger sensor — either 1” or APS-C — with an equivalent lens, for instance, an 18.5-75mm f/2.8-4.8 zoom for an APS-C sensor. Of course, that may make for a lens that extends greater than 3 inches…