It's Sunday Again...

Our Sunday drive this week took  us to Cunningham Falls State Park, by way of Baugher's (f0r breakfast), Taneytown, Emmitsburg, Blue Ridge Summit, Sabillasville and Thurmont. We noted several places to revisit to take pictures along the way, but didn't stop until we got up to Cunningham Falls. We walked up to the falls, where it was very, very crowded (and we even ran into some friends!) with people crawling all up and down the rock faces. Still, we made some pictures...

I'll have some technical insights on these over the next few days.

A Sunday Drive

Donna and I decided to take our cameras and go for a Sunday drive today. There was no plan, just that we'd head north and west out of Westminster, and see where that landed us. We made a few turns in the wrong direction, and ended wandering through the countryside in northern Carroll County, and up into Pennsylvania, including a really nice wander through Codorus State Park. It's been decades since I've been there, and, though I vaguely remembered that it was a nice place, I'd forgotten just how nice it is. Just outside the park is St. Paul's Dubs Union Church, which has a fairly ancient cemetery attached, and we stopped there to take some pictures as well.

The graves in the cemetery date back into the 1800's, and I was surprised that several of the stones had been replaced relatively recently. Despite the grave being well over a hundred years old, it's still tended and cared for by family members. There were flags and flowers placed at a number of the ancient headstones.

For the photogeeks out there, all of the images were made with the Fujifilm X-E1 and XF 18-55mm lens. Each image was then processed in Lightroom 5.4 and finished in OnOne Perfect Effects 8.