On The Horizon: On1 Photo RAW

I've been mentioning On1 Software products for some time now, and you may notice that there's now an affiliate link in the sidebar of the site. In fact, I've been using On1 products of some sort longer than any other provider, with the exception of Adobe! So, I thought it was high time to become an affiliate of theirs. This is especially true since they're about to revolutionize the way we think about RAW image processing. You can read about that here: The Future of Raw Photo Editing: On1 Photo RAW.

A brief aside...

Another thing I should mention about the affiliate links and ads on this site: The products and services I'm affiliated with are all things that I actually use. I do rent gear from Borrow Lenses. I do use the educational materials from Digital Photography School. I do use On1 Software. I do use OnSong when I'm playing music. I do print on Red River Paper. And I do purchase ebooks and other materials from Rock Nook Publishing.
And, I believe in these companies, and I think you should too. You can help them (and me) by clicking on those big tiles in the sidebar before you make purchases from them. 

Now, back to Photo RAW.

I'm really excited about this. I've been enjoying the On1 workflow for the past year or so, using On1 Photo 9 and On1 Photo 10. They've been steadily improving the product's capabilities and stability, and even it's RAW processing. Yes, the current versions of the software can work with many RAW files -- I've used Canon, Nikon, Sony, and first-generation Fuji files with great success.

On1 have been teasing that Photo RAW would be released "in the fall" for quite some time, and like a great number of people, I'm really anxious to get my hands on it. And, I have a feeling that's going to be really soon -- from some whisperings I've heard, I'm thinking within the next two weeks. At least, that's what I'm hoping, as moving to Photo RAW is an integral part of me "clean slate" move. Maybe I'll have a more definitive answer on that when I get back from Photo Plus Expo...

UPDATE 10-23-16: On1 were not at Photo Plus Expo. However, I did learn this morning that Photo RAW will be available to Plus members on November 23. So the rumor mill was only off by a couple of weeks.