Field From Homeland Road

I've been watching this spot for the past several mornings on my way to work, waiting for the right combination of low fog and light. Today was about as close to perfect as I've seen here, so I had to stop. Apparently, I'm not the only person who's been watching. While I was there, at least two other photographers stopped in various nearby spots for their angle on the scene.

There are a couple of other places I'm watching along my drive to work, and I think I'm going to hit them up Saturday morning -- of course, if conditions are right (and safe), I'll always stop for a picture!

All images made with the Fujifilm X10, with mostly light post processing in Adobe Lightroom 5.2.

Rte 27 Farm

On her way to going grocery shopping at the little family-owned store up the road, Donna passes a really neat looking farm. When the light and sky are right, there's a really interesting pattern to the fields. Today, we were out for a drive and passed the farm -- and I was smart enough to bring my camera along.

All of the pictures were shot hand-held with my Sony Alpha SLT-A35 and the Tamron 18-270, and processed in my usual selection of imaging applications: Photoshop CC with various Topaz plug-ins, Lightroom 5, or Nik Snapseed (no longer available for PCs or Macs).