Pulled The Trigger

This afternoon, I pulled the trigger on the new Sony. I opted for the Alpha SLT-A35, as it offers a newly-designed 16.2MP sensor; all of the features from the SLT-A55 except the GPS and articulated screen; plus a few new tricks of its own. As I've mentioned before, GPS and articulated screens are things I've never had before, so I'm pretty certain I won't miss them. I've got a workflow for geotagging images when it's important that only adds about 30 seconds to my day -- I take a picture with my iPhone and use the GPS coordinates from that image for all the images taken in the same place.

I also did go ahead and order the Sony lenses -- both the 18-55 and the 55-200, a Sigma flash, a couple of batteries and a "Puffer".

Everything should arrive tomorrow.