Practicing ... and Learning

I've been struggling with an inability to quickly learn and remember songs. I've put it down to ADD, along with my difficulties with effective reading. So, when I stumbled across this article, my interest was naturally piqued. Apparently, there is a definite wrong way to practice, and it seems to me that it's the way that most of us have been taught to practice! Described as "mindless practice," during which we repeat the same things over and over. Or, we play through a song until we come to a trouble spot, and fight through it again and again until we get it right. The problem with this approach is that it's boring, and it could actually make you more prone to mistakes! And so, it becomes rather a waste of time!

The article goes on to discuss a deliberate, systematic, mindful practice routine. It's a good read for anyone, like me, who would like to be able to make better use of their limited practice time.