ACR / Lightroom Color Profiles for Sony Digital Cameras

Sony shooter Maurizio Piraccini has made color profiles for every Sony (and Minolta) interchangeable-lens digital camera made, and they're available for free download from his web site. Photoclubalpha provides some good background and "how to" advice for using color profiles as well. Note that Maurizio's profiles are designed to work with raw files, not JPEGs, the idea being to mimic available camera creative settings.

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HDR Image Preprocessing

Over on The Aperture Blog, I just read a post about Moose Peterson pre-processing his RAW files with Photomatix before processing them in any other image editing software -- in effect, using an HDR imaging application in place of Adobe Camera RAW, or some other RAW processor. Interesting... I thought I might try it with an image, just for kicks. But, instead of going all high-end like Moose, I thought I'd try it on the cheap. Instead of a RAW file, I'd use a pretty vanilla JPEG. Instead of Photomatix, I'd use LightCompressor ($0.99 from the App Store). Instead of Aperture, I'd use iPhoto (free!).
The results are ... interesting and fun. Now, Moose was using pretty landscapes, and I used a gritty cityscape. But, the result is interesting and fun. I'll probably try it on some other images down the road.