Sunday Morning Melt

I was sitting at the kitchen table after breakfast this morning and glanced out the kitchen window. The sun was blasting through the melting ice on the tree in our back yard, and I had to make some pictures. As usual, I reached for the Fujifilm X10 -- there was no thought of using the Sony -- and headed out onto the back deck.

Our back deck is completely screened in, so I was forced to shoot through the screens, creating a little bit of a "star filter" effect in some of the images.

Shootin' in a Winter Wonderland


It's our second "winter weather event" of the week, and this one kept us both home from work all day. Between driveway shovelings, I walked out and made a few photos.

I used the little Fujifilm X10 to take the pictures, and brought them into Lightroom for pre-processing. I then moved JPEGs of the resultant images to my iPad mini, where I processed the images using either Repix (only to add frames) or the iOS version of Snapseed (to add a black-and-white HDR effect or frames). For some reason, it didn't really occur to me to move the images directly from the camera to the iPad using either the Eye-Fi card or the direct cable import -- not sure what I was thinking...