On the Boardwalk

Over Christmas, Donna and I ventured down to the Ocean City boardwalk to take a few pictures. There were a few people about, but for the most part, the place was pretty much buttoned up.

A number of these are in-camera HDR images, made with the Sony Alpha SLT-A35. The panorama was also made in-camera using the pano mode. I also experimented with other picture styles, and did a little of my typical post production.

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Maryland Renaissance Festival, 2011

With the 2011 Maryland Renaissance Festival behind us, here is a gallery of images from the four days we were able to attend this year.

We usually go a lot more, but various other commitments kept us away this year. Still, we had a great time and got to meet and see some great people. Can't wait for next year!

Minolta DiMage A1 and A2 Images

In my postings about the Sony cameras, I have been referring back to our old Minolta DiMage A1 and A2 cameras. I thought it might be nice to include a "best of" gallery of images I made with these two cameras. Photographically, this was a period where I was probably more prolific than ever. For this gallery, I went back to the original files, be they RAW or JPEG, and gave them some of the processing treatments I use today. I did, however, purposely limit myself to iPhoto for the image work. I was pleasantly surprised by how well many of my old image held up.